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Invest in your health

Your level of fitness is directly related to your longevity, health, and quality of life. As you get older, it becomes increasingly more important.

Are you in shape for life and everything it throws at you? Do you feel you could be a better version of yourself?

We are here to help!


FREE Fitness Consultation with Dr. Peter Lejkowski

Your health, fitness level as well as short-term and long-term goals will guide your personalized program.

Your program may include any combination of:

  • At home training instruction
  • Personal training
  • Fitness classes or programs
  • Nutritional counselling

The initial consultation is always FREE of charge and may include any of the following:

One-on-One Interview

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Functional Assessment

Fitness-Level Assessment

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Nutritional Consultation

Training with Dr. Peter

Dr. Peter Lejkowski

Dr. Peter Lejkowski

Sports Specialist Chiropractor

• Feel you can be a better/fitter version of yourself, but are unsure how to get there?
• Having a hard time keeping up with your family due to a lack of energy and fitness?
• Worried about injuries (past/present/future)?

Dr. Peter Lejkowski is a Sports Specialist Chiropractor, and an exercise and rehabilitation expert.

1-on-1 Personal Training

This service is all about you and your personal goals.

1-Hour of one-on-one time with you and your Dr. Peter will provide you with the motivation you need to push yourself to new levels, while simultaneously providing you with the attention you need to avoid injury.

This service is great for those that are:

  • getting started with fitness
  • limited by old injuries
  • that need to be pushed to new limits
2-on-1 Personal Training

Got a work-out buddy/partner you want to split the bill with?

Working out with a partner can be quite motivating, especially if your goals are similar. Dr. Peter can design a program that suits both of your goals. The best part is, you get to share the cost of each 1-Hour training session!

Frequently Asked Questions

Are all fitness services run by Dr. Lejkowski?

Yes! Dr. Lejkowski is an expert in exercise and rehabiltation. All of Propel’s current fitness and exercise medicine programs are designed and run by him.

Can sessions be billed through my insurance?

Yes! Exercise is medicine! Over a hundered chronic health conditions can be positively affected by exercise. If you are Dr. Lejkowski’s patient, and he believes you could benefit from training, these services can be billed through your private insurance.

Do I have to pay for multiple sessions at once?

No. You can pay as you go. However, we do provide a discount for those who choose to purchase multiple sessions up front.

Are all sessions 1HR long?

No. You have a choice between 30min and 60min sessions. 30mins is plenty of time to get an amazing workout in! It all depends on your goals.

Book your FREE consultation with Dr. Lejkowski to find out what plan would work best for you.

Why aren't program times listed?

Our fitness programs are run based on interest. If you have a minimum of 4 people (max=8) interested in joining a 6-8 week program, we will develop the program and run it at a time that works best for your group.

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