Mindfulness Meditation


About this program

This is a drop-in program, designed for the beginner and experienced. No commitments are necessary. Meditation sessions are scheduled ahead of time, and topics change regularily.

As a participant, you will master the basics of mindfulness meditation, build a tool kit of mindful practices that will provide you with long-term management strategies, and learn how consistent practice can not only help with pain, but also reduce stress, improve sleep, build resilience and attract more joy in life.

What is mindfulness meditation?

Mindfulness is the practice of being aware in the present moment with no judgment.  It is a simplified form of meditation. With practice, anyone can do it successfully!

Meditation is the practice of bringing the mind to a state of calm, using the breath or mantra to reach higher states of awareness.

Mindfulness Meditation is a hot topic these days… and rightfully so! Research has shown that it can change the structure and function of the brain in as little as a few weeks. Countless studies have shown how mindfulness meditation leads to substantial improvements in the perception of pain as well as feelings of stress, anxiety, depression. Consistent practice can also improve focus and happiness. 

Program details

Bi-weekly drop-in sessions (1.5 hour long)

No commitments required

Please email instructor to get session details and to register


Drop-in session fee= $20



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What is mindfulness meditation?
The benefits of mindfulness meditation
The Art of Letting Go: A Guided Meditation


CONTACT: mindfulness@propelactive.com

Mary Scholes

Mary is a Meditation Coach and a Reiki Master.  She has over 20 years of experience facilitating meditation classes and workshops and one-on-one practices with children, teens and adults. Her expertise focuses on  helping individuals, groups, and corporations cultivate mindfulness and meditation into their personal and work environment.

Through her teaching experience, Mary has witnessed the full scope of benefits mindfulness meditation can provide for someone in need. She has helped countless individuals suffering from chronic pain, sleep disorders, and severe stress, anxiety and depression. She is also served as a volunteer for the Burlington Breast Cancer Support Services, where she taught women with breast cancer how to meditate. 

Mary offers a comprehensive tool kit of mindful practices to assist in living a balanced and joyful lifestyle.