Pregnancy care is all about keeping you active, strong and pain free throughout your pregnancy.

The most recent Canadian guidelines for exercise during pregnancy (2019) state that all women without complications should maintain their physical activity throughout their pregnancy. This is extremely important for general health, and it has been shown to significantly decrease complications during labour!

Unfortunately, too many women succumb to injury and discomfort at this point in their lives.

At least 50% of pregnant women will experience pain that impacts their ability to perform activities of daily living, let alone exercise. The weight gain, combined with changes in posture, and the stretching of abdominal muscles can all lead to pain and discomfort, often in the lower back. Neck pain, wrist pain, and leg cramps are also very common.

Studies show that manual therapy, including chiropractic, physiotherapy and massage, can decrease pain during pregnancy and in during labour. Chiropractors can provide safe, effective and drug-free pregnancy care to relieve pain and improve function during pregnancy and after birth.

Through hands-on treatment and specific exercises and stretches, our therapists can help you reduce back and pelvic pain, relieve tired, achy muscles, and prepare your body for childbirth to help ensure a faster recovery.


Common pregnancy-related conditions benefitting from pregnancy care:
  • Pelvic pain
  • Low-back pain
  • Postural strain (neck and shoulder pain and stiffness)
  • Hip muscle tension


Not sure how to stay active during pregnancy?

We are here to answer all of your exercise related questions! Let PROPEL’s healthcare providers design a safe exercise routine, custom-tailored to your body and activity level.