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Want to learn about everything related to the development and maintenance of healthy movement?

PROPEL has partnered with NURTURING MOVEMENT to provide our patients with quality, science-based, health-related content.

No-nonsense, reader-friendly content

The Nurturing Movement BLOG provides quality, easy to read content that matches PROPEL’s NO-NONSENSE approach to healthcare. Topics covered include:


Movement & posture DEVELOPMENT

To truly comprehend injuries, how to recover from them, and how to prevent them, you must first understand how posture & movement develops


Movement & posture MAINTENANCE

Content filled with useful strategies for maintaining healthy and pain-free movement and posture


Injury rehabilitation

Learn about the concepts that underly affective science-based, rehabilitation strategies, packed with practical examples


Injury mechanics

Learn about the nature of injuries and injury biomechanics. This content is reader-friendly and easy to comprehend

Management strategies

Delve into science-based self-management strategies that help you address your pain/discomfort, and learn about healthcare services that work


Special-Interest topics

This content may address a particular injury, or another specific healthcare-related topic in a reader-friendly way

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