Whether you are a runner, a golfer, a pitcher or you just like lifting weights, you can appreciate that HOW you perform the exercise matters. Exercise technique affects not only your performance of the activity, but also your chance of developing exercise-related injury.

Everyone is different, so techniques may vary slightly, but countless scientific studies have been done to establish what the ideal technique is for the sport/exercise of your choice.

The process:

PROPEL’s practitioners are well-versed in the field of biomechanics, and with the use of slow-motion video capture, they can:

  • Tease apart your technique flaws
  • Provide solutions for technique modification
  • Prescribe the right exercise to improve your technique.


Exercise technique analysis available:
  • Running gait analysis
  • Golf swing analysis
  • Throwing analysis
  • Resistance exercise (i,e., weight lifting) analysis
  • Other sport-specific movements

If you want to avoid pesky recurring injuries, or if you simply would like to improve your performance, ask PROPEL’s practitioners to analyze your exercise technique.