Countless scientific studies have supported the use of exercise in treating musculoskeletal complaints, both acute and chronic in nature. The undeniable fact is that therapeutic exercise is one of the most valuable tools in treating and preventing ailments.

At PROPEL, exercise is the cornerstone of each treatment plan. Our integrated collaboration model of care ensures that every single treatment plan includes therapeutic exercise as part of their comprehensive path to recovery and movement enhancement.


One-one-one exercise sessions:

THERAPEUTIC EXERCISE = exercise with therapeutic purpose

What differentiates therapeutic exercise from regular exercise is that therapeutic exercise specifically targets issues/deficiencies related to specific health-related problems.

PROPEL takes therapeutic exercise seriously!

Therapeutic exercise is one of the best tools in treating and preventing pain. It builds resilience, body awareness and the conditioning required to keep our bodies healthy and pain-free.

An exercise program is always tailored by our healthcare experts and is delivered by either chiropractors or physiotherapists or with the help of a kinesiologist.

All therapeutic exercise sessions are designed and overseen by healthcare professionals and are therefore billed through your private insurance plan.





We bill your insurance DIRECTLY!

No more painful insurance submissions! Let PROPEL do the work for you, so you can focus on the things that matter.

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What To Expect at PROPEL Burlington

You are the driving force in your journey to health and wellness, and our chiropractic services reflect that. We begin with a comprehensive consultation in which we discuss your situation, your goals regarding treatment, and factors like your timeline and budgetary constraints. Along with a complete chiropractic physical examination, we use this information to craft an individualized treatment plan that works for you and prioritizes your specific goals.

As you progress through your treatment plan, we maintain a policy of transparency and flexibility. Of course, we’re here to provide professional expertise and guidance – but if something isn’t working for you, we’ll work with you to make those alterations. You’re here because your problems have impacted your life, and we’re working together to achieve your goals. Here, you’re always the focus of your care.

You can expect to find skilled, professional chiropractors at PROPEL Burlington. You can expect to find a team of healthcare professionals dedicated to providing guidance and solutions as you work towards achieving your healthcare goals. You can expect to find – at long last – the results and relief you deserve.

Integrated Collaboration Model


Your treatment plan is based on your GOALS.

PROPEL’s most comprehensive approach utilizes the skills of multiple healthcare providers within your treatment plan, to help you achieve your goals by the most efficient means possible.