Sports Specialist Chiropractor

If your activity/sport has been brought to a halt by an injury, you need a SPECIALIST to help you get back on your feet

Whose expertise do you rely on to keep you moving?

Specialized training to keep you moving

Many healthcare providers claim they specialize in sports injuries, but how many of them have the training to back up those claims?

In addition to the 4-year chiropractic degree, a sport specialist chiropractor has 2+ years of formal, full time education in sport injury diagnosis, management and prevention. This rigorous program involves coursework in sport medicine, research, teaching, 1000 hours of on-field work with athletes, and 1st hand exposure to relevant medical specialties.

Upon the successful completion of the program and the subsequent examination, only then can a chiropractor legally call themselves a “specialist”.


Dr. Peter Lejkowski is the co-owner of Propel Active Health & Lifestyle, and one of a handful of sports specialist chiropractors in Burlington and the surrounding area.

Why seek a sports

chiropractic specialist?

While sports specialist chiropractors have specialized training in the diagnosis and treatment of sports injuries, their true niche is treating active individuals.

Most common reasons to see a sports specialist chiropractor:

Exercise-related Injury Assessment & Management

Injured during exercise? A sport specialist chiropractor utilizes their advanced training to help you fully understand the nature of your injury and what it will take to get you back to your sport/activity.

Anyone can rupture their ACL and you don’t have to be a tennis player to suffer from “tennis elbow”. A sports specialist understands your training needs and timelines, and has advanced knowledge and skills to be able get you back to your activity quickly and safely.

Performance Enhancement

The functional needs of an an athlete are very different than those of an inactive person. A sports specialist has spent thousands of hours working with athletes of all caliber, gaining insight into the demands athletes place on their bodies, and what it takes to perform at a high level.

Whether you goals are to run a quicker race, improve your golf swing, or simply increase the depth of your squat, a sports specialist chiropractor will perform an in-depth assessment and show you a path to success.

Nagging Injuries

Have an injury that just won’t resolve no matter what you try? Pain can be complicated, especially if you are an active individual with high physical needs.

Sometimes a number of contributing factors need to be examined when dealing with a stubborn injury. Factors such as: exercise mechanics, load-management, training variability or nutrition. Sports specialist chiropractors have advanced training in the understanding injury mechanics and injury recovery. In addition, they know when to seek the help of other specialty disciplines if needed.

A Specialized & Thorough Approach

Highly functional bodies require a comprehensive assessment and specialized treatment methods. Chiropractor for Sports appointments are 30-60 minutes long and encompass all of the following:

Advanced Assessment

Assessment visits are 60 minutes long. Why? To truly understand the nature of your injury and needs, a thorough assessment is necessary. This may include a functional movement screen or video analysis of your exercise technique.

Specialized Treatment

Our treatments are 30+ minutes long and are specifically tailored to you and your needs. This may include: exercise prescription, Active Release Technique (ART), acupuncture, joint mobilizations/manipulations and education.

Active Approach to Recovery

Movement-related injuries require movement-related solutions! Every treatment plan includes evidence-based rehabilitation strategies (exercise medicine) to help you manage your injuries and return to activity stronger then ever.

Goal: Keeping you moving

Injuries are a part of life, but most are preventable. For this reason, every treatment plan includes education and conditioning advice that keeps you resilient and injury-free.

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